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Yamaha works hard to create different types of valuable boats for remarkable adventures. Therefore, they’ve continuously refined their design and technology to establish the ultimate benchmark for family enjoyment on the water. This enables boaters in Naples, ME, to witness the evolution of Yamaha jet boats and experience firsthand why it stands as a leading brand today. Featuring quality boat designs, sturdy engines, and a gold standard drive system, Yamaha assembles all their wave runners, jet boats, and more in a state of the art US facility, where over 450 employees contribute to the process.

New & Used Yamaha Jet Boats for Sale

We offer the boating community in Naples, ME, a variety of Yamaha jet boat models for sale. Here at Long Lake Marina, our Yamaha collection includes premium new & used boats catering to our client's performance requirements and budget preferences. Our new inventory consists of models such as the 2023 Yamaha 252SE and many others, while our preowned inventory is equally as impressive. As trusted Yamaha boat dealers, we ensure that all our boats undergo regular inspection, repair, and maintenance, ensuring they’re always in optimal condition.

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Yamaha's WaveRunners are known for their dependability and robust construction. They're equipped with powerful engines and tend to have low maintenance needs. Further, Yamaha's WaveRunner line has received the esteemed 2022 to 2023 National Marine Manufacturer's Association Customer Satisfaction Index Award. This gives boating enthusiasts in Naples, ME, the assurance to invest in our premium lineup of new & used boats, such as the 2013 Yamaha FX HO CRZ and many others.

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Long Lake Marina can provide you with the full range of what Yamaha has to offer. We have everything from an SX190 model to a 252XD model. With boats ranging from 19 feet to 27 feet, we have every variety of sport boats and wake boats that you’re searching for.

Is Our 19 Foot Boat Right for You?

The 19-foot sport boats have an eight passenger capacity with either a single normally-aspirated or supercharged Yamaha marine engine. It has an open bow design giving more sitting space in the front, biminis, touchscreen technology, and rear swim platforms included with all models. They also contain innovative pump cleanout ports, and towers come standard on some models. We supply all 19 foot models that Yamaha provides ranging from the SX190 to the 195S.

Experience the Luxury of Our 22 Foot Boat

The 22-foot sport boats have a 10-person capacity and twin motors of TR1 1L or high-output 1.9L Yamaha marine engine. They come with a deeper cockpit and greater freeboard creating more room for the interior and a larger area in the bow. With the wider front area of the boat, there are multiple cup holders and seating arrangements. Towers and/or biminis come standard with most models, and touchscreen technology, rear swim platforms, and rear swim-up seating come with all models. From the SX220 to the 222SD, we provide every model you may need.

Is Our 25 Foot Boat Right for You?

The 25-foot sport boats have a 12-person capacity with twin 1.9L high-output Yamaha marine engines. They have expanded frontal seating, stern-facing lounge seats, touchscreen technology, and swim-up rear seating on all models. Biminis come standard with all models, and towers with accompanying biminis come with most models. We have all available 25-foot models including everything from the SX250 to the 252SD.

Discover the Power of Our 27 Foot Boat

The 27-foot sport boats have a yacht-certified seating capacity which is able to accommodate any amount of people you choose, and they have twin super vortex high-output Yamaha marine engines. These come with a larger and more sizable interior, multiple seating configurations, bountiful counter space, and rear swim-up seating. All models come with towers and accompanying biminis. Between the 275SE model and the 275SD model, we have everything you need in a boat available to you.

Check Out Our Wake Series Today!

The Yamaha wake boosters create an immaculate performance in seconds on the Yamaha Wake Series boats. Equipped with either twin 1.9L high-output or twin super vortex high-output Yamaha marine engines, the Wake Series boats have capacities of 10-12 people depending on the model. All models come with a push button starter, touchscreen technology, cool-touch fabric, a premium sound system, and an impressive triple ballast system. We carry everything there is to offer from the 222XE model to the 255XD model to create the ultimate wake experience at the push of a button.

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With more than ten years of experience in the marine industry, Long Lake Marina has curated a diverse selection of high performance boats and related services that cater to all boaters in Naples, ME. Our boats for sale offer the freedom to explore whenever and wherever you desire, whether you want to go fishing, complete water sports, or celebrate special moments with a leisurely boat ride. Our inventory comprises of the best boats in the industry from brands like Nautique, Centurion, Yamaha, Barletta, and much more, ensuring ample space, comfort, and all the essentials for a safe and enjoyable water adventure in Naples, ME. We also provide flexible financial options to support your boat ownership journey, helping you plan ahead with confidence. All aspects of your boating requirements are covered, including buying, storing, repairs, and maintenance when you trust our top professionals.

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